Photo: Andreas Schmidt

On this page we list some sportive possibilities for you, which do not need any kind of registration or membership.


If you like running on asphalt, you can take a run in the city center ring. It is about 4km long. An alternative is to start at the new town hall. Right behind it, you can enter the Johannapark. Have a look at this route.

Running Groups: We want to form one or more groups during the EuroVis for running and show you some of the parks of Leipzig. Some kind of sportive sightseeing. If you are interested in joining a group, please send me an e-mail. I will then organize the groups. Please tell me:

  • Your preferred distance
  • Where you will stay during the EuroVis (Hotel)
  • Dates of your stay


Like swimming? You can either go to one of the many lakes in and around Leipzig or go to a public swimming pools with 25m and 50m lanes (depending where you go). You will need to pay about 3.70€ for swimming.

If you are interested, please mail me and I will help you finding a public swimming pool and tell you how to get there from your hotel. If you speak German, you can check out the website.


Like canoeing? Rafting? Climbing? Indoor-Football (Soccer)? Or something else? Just contact me and I will tell you where to go.